We turn complex IT challenges into digital success stories!

SYSCO Level Solar

SYSCO supplies smart apps to the energy business, apps that are easy to use. Our super power consists in making different technologies work together. This requires solid trade knowledge about the energy sector. From us you will receive sound advice, reliable operation of databases, and monitoring of IT infrastructures.

Complexity made simple

IT is becoming increasingly complex. In order to make systems work together, you need a partner who understands three things: your business, the established systems you already have in place, and new technologies for cloud storage and data flows.

Solid trade knowledge

We boast a high level of competence within new cloud technologies, and long-standing experience with IT systems. In this way we help businesses to find their bearings in an IT landscape in constant flux – with the aim to create many new digital success stories.

Sustainability is SYSCO’s passionate cause

SYSCO wants to contribute to a sustainable world and defines this based on the UN’s definition of sustainable development. For us, sustainability is absolutely essential in our vision of becoming a legendary company that the employees love to work for and that the customers want to work with.

There are 3 pillars in SYSCO’s contribution to the UN’s sustainability goals:
1. We contribute to a better environment
2. We take social responsibility
3. We are a responsible player

Focus areas for our three pillars:

Our goal is to build a legendary company that our employees love to work for, and that our customers love to work with.

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Taking care of the environment is an issue, we not only care about, but contribute to.

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We must take responsibility beyond ourselves to contribute to the global sustainability agenda.

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We are positive and solution oriented people who bring energy to colleagues and customers every day. This is how we attract the most rewarding assignments and the most dedicated people.

Super skilled

We are black belts in relevant technology, and experts in energy – or have aspirations to become so. This gives us the confidence we need to solve new, complex challenges, and the knowledge required to turn a problem into a digital success story.

Fuzz fighter

We are problem solvers. We are easy to work with and we find clever ways around problems in order to fight our customers daily IT-fuzz.

Our vision is to become a legend among super-skilled tech heads and companies in the Nordics.

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