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Our contribution to a better environment

Our contribution to a better environment

Taking care of the environment is an issue, we not only care about, but contribute to. Our focus within the environment is divided into our three main areas:

1: User friendly software for the energy industry, digitalisation and automation of work processes that contribute to more sustainable energy production and distribution.

2: Technological superheroes, who contribute to environmentally friendly solutions and responsible consumption and production by our customers.

3: Secure operation and monitoring, with a focus on energy efficiency in our own data center and through partners.

SYSCO’s mission is to create digital success stories in meaningful and sustainable industries. Precisely for this reason, we have specialised in the energy industry, and we have set ourselves specific goals of linking our customer projects to the UN’s sustainability goals.

The EU has now launched a classification system that defines which business activities qualify to be sustainable. This could be an important tool for SYSCO in developing new products and services that support the selected sustainability goals.

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