What we deliver

User friendly software for the energy sector

SYSCO is Scandinavia’s most specialised supplier of technology to the energy sector. Our products and IT-services are easy to use; they increase productivity and reduce costs.

Super-skilled consultants

In all digital success stories the consultants are the super heroes. SYSCOS consultants are computer experts, and make things work by connecting different technologies.

Reliable operation and monitoring of critical  systems

We specialise in hybrid cloud solutions, operation of critical solutions and monitoring of databases.

Simplified software licenses

If your are looking for a partner who is an expert on license, primarily Oracle, but also Microsoft and Google, SYSCO is the right choice. We are license advisers on hybrid cloud solutions – including Interconnect between Azure and Oracle Cloud.

SYSCO Middleware Blog

SYSCO’s Middleware blog is a technical blog that deals with data integrations, and a bit about development and cloud.