Operation and monitoring services

Reliable operation and monitoring of critical  systems We specialize in hybrid cloud solutions, operation of critical solutions and monitoring of databases.

SYSCO Level data center

Data centre / IT platform
Are you looking for a predictable and hassle-free IT workday without unforeseen costs? By giving SYSCO the responsibility for operating the IT platform, we become your IT department. Just leave everything that is IT-related to our experts, and you will have more time to concentrate on the company’s core activity.

Boost productivity by gathering in one place all applications, data and resources used by staff in their everyday work. With SYSCO’s digital workspace you get a user friendly, reliable and flexible entry to all your digital tools – regardless of which unit users are on, and the platform where data is stored. The workspace can be accessed from anywhere and lends enhanced flexibility and lower costs to your activity.

With a wireless network rigged for the future, SYSCO makes sure your business has the fastest, safest, and most stable communication– both internally and externally.

Support services
Get help to resolve your IT tangles as they arise. Our versatile support team are your problem solvers – ready to help you on the phone or online. We will always offer multiple alternatives for support, which all provide quick answers to the problem, and the fastest possible solution.

AMS value chain monitoring
Ensure reliable operation of critical services and components in the AMS value chain. SYSCO can take on the responsibility for operation and monitoring, and give you control of where a potential measured value is stopping up.

Need help solving your IT problems?

At SYSCO, we are experts in solving IT problems. Should we have a chat about how we can solve yours?