User friendly software for the energy sector

SYSCO is Scandinavia’s most specialized supplier of technology to the energy sector. Our products and IT-services are easy to use; they send productivity up and costs down.

Lettbent programvare for energisektoren

Smart software and IT services for the energy sector

SYSCO is Scandinavia’s most specialized supplier of technology to the energy sector. Our software products and IT services boost productivity and cut costs, and they are easy to use.

IT + energy = SYSCO. We boast profound knowledge and long-standing experience with the industry’s value chain and the potentials in adopting new technology; we help to increase the benefits of digitalization.

We collect and store data from the industry’s kernel systems as well as other relevant data sources. We use the data to provide new, valuable insight, which increases the efficiency of tasks and improves profits.

The advantages of using such data may be:

  • Automation of work processes
  • Visualization providing better decision support
  • Advanced analyses
  • Machine learning

We retrieve the information gain in the form of automation of work processes, or smart applications simplifying or assuring the quality of work processes. In this way you will gradually increase the efficiency, safety, and degree of precision of your core activity.

With SYSCO you will obtain a reliable and stable operation and management of your IT systems, both the old professional systems and the new cloud applications. We are with you all the way, sorting out problems and making things work.

By converting problems into solutions, we help to create digital success stories for more than 80 companies and organizations worldwide, companies operating within production, transport and sale of energy. We would be pleased to bring this experience into a partnership with you.

Some of our services

Our superpower is to defeat technology fuzz and create business value for customers who produce, transport or sell energy.

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Complete control over the collection and validation of energy data – from production to sales.

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Modern and cost-effective solution for companies that buy, sell and transport natural gas.

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