Complete control over the collection and validation of energy data – from production to sales.


Do you want complete control over all key figures from production to sales of energy quantities or volume – for all operations throughout the organisation? Or do you want to see how the energy that enters a measuring point is balanced with measured or calculated values ​​of how energy is used in the value chain?

Do you want this collection of data from all your different sources – regardless of data format – to be automatic and painless? Would you have benefited from a visual overview of how it all fits together throughout the value chain for all your operations?

Are you tired of systems that require extensive upgrades and modification projects and that place great underlying demands on investments in infrastructure and licence?

We solve all of this with EnergyX Control. Read about how below, and feel free to contact us for a demonstration of the solution.

Automated data collection

No more interpretation and processing of manual reports and formats. With EnergyX Control the data collection process is fully automated using modern, scalable and flexible integration services built into Microsoft Azure.

Always on, always up to date!

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Sharing of all data

EnergyX Control collects, validates and quality-assures data available through data sets or data streams, and ensures that the entire organisation is based on the same database in its further work processes.

One version of the truth!

Validation of key data

The integrity and quality of key data collected is critical to the accuracy of further use of these, and often a source of comprehensive quality assurance and audit processes.
EnergyX Control performs automatic validation of data at the time of collection, with full audit control of all data, and with alarms and alerts in the event of deviations or errors.

Consistently correct!


Visual insight

Insight is about controlling and understanding core processes. EnergyX Control gives you a graphical visualisation of how key data is reported and changes at all measurement points throughout the value chain, from production to sales. Get control of key information for each measurement point, look at trends in data, check the original data source, look at revision history or export data for further processing – all through a simple and intuitive interface.

New ways to work!

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Please get in touch for a demonstration and conversation about our products and services.

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