EnergyX Dispatch
Modern and cost-effective solution for companies that buy, sell and transport natural gas.

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EnergyX Dispatch supports gas suppliers in the work of planning and carrying out the purchase, sale and transport of natural gas. 

The solution has been developed in collaboration with several of the leading gas transporters on the Norwegian continental shelf and was introduced to the market at the start of the 2020 gas year. 

EnergyX Dispatch keeps you up to date on your contractual obligations through support for ordering capacity on the transport network and allows you to quickly take control of any sudden imbalances or limitations through a fast and intuitive user interface with visualisations and alarms. 

The system is developed in accordance with edig@s standards, supports secure communication over AS2 / AS4 and gives you full control over all messages, both in and out of the system. 

The solution is delivered on Microsoft Azure, both as a distributed solution and as a SaaS model. 

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Automatic handling of data messages

No more interpretation and processing of manual reports and various data formats. With EnergyX Dispatch data can be automatically received and sent through a wide range of different communication channels using modern, scalable and flexible data integration services.

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Full control on Gas Day

The quality and integrity of the data you are working with is crucial for having control over Gas Day. EnergyX Dispatch automatically performs validation of data as soon as it enters the system. Receiving notification of data discrepancies or errors in emails or SMS, will allow full control even though you are not sitting in front of the screen.

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Flexible portfolio and contract management

EnergyX Dispatch gives you the opportunity to see your entire gas portfolio, across producers, transportation systems and buyers. You can add contracts – both active and planned – for the future, and use this together with the support for control of available capacity and services, to identify and respond to good market opportunities.


Full traceability and control of all data

In EnergyX Dispatch we take care of all data revisions with full transparency – from the original message that came in or went out – through all calculations or conversions up to the data point in which you perform an action. This gives full control over which data was valid and which was used in messages at given times. This is important when submitting data for invoicing or other processing.

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