Our superpower is to defeat technology fuzz and create business value for customers who produce, transport or sell energy. This requires world-class industry and technology knowledge, and with us, you get this delivered in the form of smart and lean software delivered on Microsoft Azure, professional business and technology consultants and robust operations and management services.


How to keep control of produced volume from origin to point of sale? 

It is a challenging process, with a lot of room for human error, to collect and use key figures from various sources in the value chain from production to sale of energy; be it from data received from partners, government agencies or even from various internal departments or companies.

At the same time, it is more important than ever to ensure accurate control of various products, quantities and values ​​of these throughout the value chain. This is to ensure that you get paid for what you are entitled to in terms of produced volume, but also due to an ever-increasing demand for detail and accuracy in tracking and reporting of how produced volume is handled through the value chain – especially with regards to environmental reporting.

To create security for the database used, there is a need for a much simpler, more modern and scalable approach that automates the collection, validation, traceability and visualisation of key data. This will ensure that all employees in the company work with the same version and understanding of the database.

SYSCO EnergyX has created a portfolio of smart and modern cloud applications that quickly allow you to gain control of your key data. At the same time, we are introducing an automated and deviation-based workflow that will be able to significantly increase the efficiency and accuracy of the various teams that will use this data on a daily basis.

All products in the EnergyX product portfolio are delivered on Microsoft Azure, and include options for both Power BI live data streams and data models for further analysis and reporting.

Our products

Complete control over the collection and validation of energy data – from production to sales.

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Modern and cost-effective solution for companies that buy, sell and transport natural gas.

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Our services

At EnergyX, we have highly renowned business consultants, project managers and system consultants with many years of experience in the development, implementation and management of market-leading industrial solutions for the largest energy companies in the world. In addition to delivering our software solutions, we also have a number of other services to offer:

Business and technology consultants – Our consultants understand critical business processes and can implement technology that provides business value of data.

Project management – We have experienced project managers with long, international experience from implementing business-critical solutions.

Audit support – Advice and support through audit processes within the HCA / HCM area.

Application management – Management services for monitoring, control and performance optimisation of HCA / HCM systems.

Reporting – Fully integrated Power BI datasets, reports and dashboard accelerators for fast retrieval of value from collected data.

Operation and monitoring – We specialise in hybrid cloud solutions, operation of business-critical solutions and monitoring of databases.

Cloud migration – We help you move, modernise and operate your Oracle solutions in Oracle Cloud and possibly also connect them with Azure, so you get the best of both worlds.

Licence advice – If you need a partner who is an expert in the licence, primarily Oracle, but also Microsoft and Google, SYSCO is the right choice. We are a licence advisor on hybrid cloud solutions – including Interconnect between Azure and Oracle Cloud.

Please get in touch for a demonstration and conversation about our products and services.

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