Simplified software licence

If you are looking for a partner who is an expert on licence, primarily Oracle, but also Microsoft and Google, SYSCO is the right choice. We are licence advisers on hybrid cloud solutions – including Interconnect between Azure and Oracle Cloud.

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Simplified software licence

At SYSCO we love to work in the interface between your technical infrastructure and your current license costs. The combination of “old” costly licence, a wide variety of platforms and cloud solutions is demanding. We help you get maximum value for money spent, and give you security for new investments.

Traditionally SYSCO has been experts on Oracle, and this we will continue to be. At the same time we are seeing that our customers require someone who understands the interface between e.g. Oracle and Microsoft, both technically and licence-wise. As the first partner of EMEA we have therefore tested the Interconnect mellom Oracle and Azure.

As an Oracle Platinum Partner our strategic goal is to become Scandinavia’s full-range supplier of Oracle technology. We are currently supplying Oracle services and products to over 200 customers in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. There is a strongly increasing focus on Oracle Cloud, where we are envisaging very good technical and commercial solutions.

We employ over 100 super heroes with Oracle expertise within a number of areas:

  • Oracle Database and infrastructure, OCI, IaaS
  • Oracle Middleware and integration, MW, PaaS
  • Business Intelligence, BI
  • Data warehouse, DWH
  • Analysis, AI/ML
“We were on the lookout for a proactive partner, and we found it! SYSCO helps to ensure that Hafslund has an Oracle platform that is correctly licence and technically optimised for the future”
Per Braadland, Program Leader of Hafslund Nett

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